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The BIG SIGNAL 10BS-270 model is an innovative dual-band design antenna for the 145 and 432 MHz bands of very high performance. With 10 elements in total, 4 active in the VHF band and 4 in the UHF band, it guarantees an incredible performance in just 1,2 meters of boom.

Ideal for both terrestrial contacts (FM / SSB) and for communications via SAT (satellite).

*If this is exclusive to SAT, choose the "SAT Model" version optimized at SAT frequencies (145.8 and 435.0 MHz).

Why choose a Cubical Quad antenna versus a traditional Yagi?

· Full wavelength elements, reaching maximum performance and efficiency.
· More gain in less boom length than a traditional Yagi.
· Very low noise being a loop antenna, which will allow you to improve the reception of weak signals in urban environments.
· Less influence to the polarization crossing.
· Extraordinary F/S and F/B, further reducing noise in rejection directions.
· Excellent performance when crossing mountain systems.
· Heavy Duty construction for extreme durability.

The best directional antenna option for urban environments, in times when noise in cities is increasingly high, a closed antenna is the definitive solution to improve the reception of weak signals. Welcome to the antennas without noise!

BIG SIGNAL · Make a difference in V-UHF!



· Band: 144 / 432 MHz | 145.8 / 435 MHz SAT Model.
· Active elements: 4 / 6 elements.
· Gain: 10,41 / 10,2 dBi
· F/B: 19,03 / 10,01 dB.
· Polarization: Horizontal or Vertical.
· SWR: 1,1:1 ~ 1,5:1.
· Impedance: 50 Ohm.
· Power rating: 5.000 W.
· Boom length: 1,21 m / 3,96 ft
· Turning radius: 0,96 m / 3,14 ft
· Total height: 0,35 m / 1,148 ft
· Weight: 1,8 Kg / 3,96 lb
· Wind survival: > 200 Km/h. / 125 mph

Construction details:

· Boom size: Square aluminum of 25 x 2 mm / 9,84 in.
· Hardware: Stainless Steel, W4 grade.
· Spreaders Arms: Delrin (POM) arms.
· Cable: BIG SIGNAL - Wire. Special copper cable with polyethylene (PE) sheath for excellent weather protection and mechanical resistance.
· Feeding: 50 Ohm. 2 coaxial lines (PL-UHF connector in 144 MHz and N in 432 MHz as standard). For a single coaxial you can optionally add a duplexer (Select in add-ons).

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