ASTATIC D104M6B Microfono Palmare Ceramico Amplificato

Codice Prodotto: ASTD104M6B

Disponibilità: In Arrivo

Prezzo: € 55,91

NEW ASTATIC D104M6B amplified ceramic microphone with 4 pin connector. Wired for Cobra, Midland, Galaxy, and Uniden CB radios+. The Astatic D104 microphone is perfect for mobile CB, Amateur AM and SSB operation. The amplified mic provides extra modulation for highest power level.  Rugged construction with chrome plated brass grille screen, volume control and metal hanger for reliable operation. Flexible heavy duty coil extends to 7-1/2Ft. Frequency response 300-5KHz. Output level -44dbm. Output adjustable over 40dB range. 5Kohm impedance. Requires standard 9 volt battery (not included). The classic Astatic microphone provides optimal frequency response and clarity for maximum power.  


NOTE: This microphone is NOT compatible with the Cobra 19 Ultra III, 19 LTD II, Uniden Pro 505XL, Pro510XL, Uniden Pro520XL, and other radios that have condenser "gray-bar" style electret microphones. These radios supply a voltage on the audio line which interferes with the circuitry of the power mic. 

PIN 1 - Shield / Ground
PIN 2 - Audio
PIN 4 - RX

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