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FT-70DR/E C4FM/ FM 144/430MHz Dual Band Handheld

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new C4FM/FM VHF/UHF Dual Band 5W Handheld Transceiver – FT-70DR/E.  The new FT-70DR/E is a compact and very attractively priced YAESU System Fusion transceiver providing both conventional analog FM operation and the advanced C4FM Digital mode.

The FT-70DR/E provides up to 5W of reliable RF power, and its large Front Speaker delivers 700mW of Loud Audio Output.  Because C4FM has better BER (Bit Error Rate) characteristics than other digital modulations, the user can expect exceptional audio quality.

The new digital FT-70DR/E includes our unique Automatic Mode Select (AMS) function.  AMS detects the operating mode of the received signal as C4FM digital or analog FM, and then automatically and instantly switches the receiver to the appropriate mode.  Users do not need to manually change between modes.

The multi-colored LED Mode-Indicator displayed on the front allows the operator to easily see what mode the FT-70DR/E is in at any given moment.  LED Mode-Indicator clearly and visibly shows the transmit/ receive mode by changing its color so that the operating mode of the transceiver is easily recognized at a glance.

One of the other distinguishing features of the FT-70DR/E is Digital Group Monitor (GM) with DG-ID and DP-ID.  DG-ID (Digital Group Identification) and DP-ID (Digital Personal Identification) are useful features now included in the FT-70DR/E, to simplify the GM operation.  Simply put, the transceivers selecting the same DG-ID or DP-ID can communicate with each other.  Between 00 and 99 DG-ID and DP-ID are selectable; which provides loads of flexibility so that users can enjoy group communication with friends in GM mode in accordance to their individual operational needs.

Other included standard features and functions are; IP54 Rating (Dust/ Water Protection) construction.


Product Description

- System Fusion Compatible
- FM Friendly Digital Operation with AMS (Automatic Mode Select)
- Sophisticated C4FM Digital Functions : Digital Group Monitor (GM) / DG-ID, DP-ID Operation *1
- 5 Watts of Reliable RF Power inside a Compact body
- 700 mW Loud Audio Output and Clear Voice – Large Multi-Color Mode Indicator
- Large Multi-Color Mode Indicator
- Rugged Construction Meets IP54 (Dust / Water protection)
- Huge 1,105 Channel Memory
- Wide Band Receive Coverage 108 – 579.995 MHz
- Versatile Scanning Capabilities: Programmed VFO Scan, Memory Scan, Priority Channel Scan
- WX Channels with “Severe Weather” Alert (US version)
- 7.4 V 1,800 mAh Lithium Ion Battery pack (SBR-24LI) Included
- Equipped with External DC Jack for DC Supply and Battery Charge
- Equipped with Mini USB port for Convenient Memory Management and Software updates
- Transceiver-to-Transceiver Cloning with Optional Cloning Cable (CT-27)
- CTCSS/DCS Operation
- RF Squelch
- Automatic Power-Off (APO) Feature
- Transmitter Time-Out-Timer (TOT)
- Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO)

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